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SOLOFEST squaresmall

October 13-16, 2022 - Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St, Halifax

SoloFest is a new festival of solo works with a focus on uplifting the voices of underrepresented and marginalized genders on stage.

The series of one person shows will be at varying stages of development, between 40 minutes and 1 hour, presented as double bills. The purpose is to be able to support artists who have been developing individual works during the pandemic a chance to showcase their work.


Wild Things by Ryan Wilcox

How to be FEARLESS! (with Roxy Andrews) by Ali Joy Richardson

Nagē Bacē - Naked Child by Moneesha (Misha) Bakshi

When You Leave Please Say Nice Things About Me by Stevey Hunter


Bill A:

Thursday October 13th 7 30 PM

Saturday October 15th 7 30 PM

Sunday October 16th 2 00 PM


Wild Things by Ryan Wilcox (they/them)

Sam, who is on their way to perform at a drag story time at their smalltown library, had a slushy thrown at them by a homophobic parent. ‘Wild Things’ begins with Sam taking refuge in a closet which transports them into a memory-scape that has them questioning their gender, Queerness, and if being Queer is worth it. The audience is witness to the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of being Genderqueer and the complications of young, Queer love.”

How to be FEARLESS! (With Roxy Roberts) by Ali Joy Richardson (she/her)

How to be FEARLESS! (with Roxy Roberts) is a darkly comedic, high-energy solo show about a motivational speaker/self-defense coach on the day her armor cracks. Part stand-up comedy, part confession, part unorthodox TED talk, this is the story of a woman fighting to control her life in the face of fear. ROXY is a razor-sharp reckoning with victim-blaming dressed up in a power blazer and sneakers. When Roxy's PowerPoint crashes and her past rears its head, her mask slips to reveal a woman who abandoned her own magic in order to survive. In 52 raucous minutes (including some very user-friendly audience interaction), Roxy takes us from laughter through darkness and into hope.


Bill B:

Friday October 14th 7 30 PM

Saturday October 15th 2 00 PM

Sunday October 16th 7 30 PM


Nungu Bacha - Naked Child by Moneesha (Misha) Bakshi (she/they)

Nungu Bacha is a solo piece focusing on the relationships of clothing, culture, womanhood, and bodily autonomy. Throughout this piece, I explore what clothing and nudity mean to me, and how my feelings about my body are shaped by the cultures I grew up in, and the cultures that found me.

This piece explores through movement, word, and even striptease, what clothing means, for western audiences, south asian communities, for women, and for those who might not identify as women anymore. This piece also explored gender roles in a rapidly changing social landscape, and intergenerational gender trauma across cultural migration.

Nungu Bacha is a love letter to my body, both its raw skin with all it's visible and hidden scars, and the clothing I choose to put on it, and even the clothing I don't choose to put on it.


When You Leave Please Say Nice Things About Me by Stevey Hunter (they/them)

When You Leave Please Say Nice Things About Me is an autobiographical solo comedy show written and performed by Stevey Hunter. The show is a blend of story telling, stand up, and original songs, that explore Stevey’s relationship to gender, queerness, and the need to be liked. 

“I used to think of myself as a sad wounded girl. 

I was so wrapped up in thinking about my sadness

That I didn’t have time to think about 

How I wasn’t even a girl.”

This performance will be following a second phase of development for the show funded and supported by Canada Council for the Arts. Stevey is excited to be bringing you new stories, new jokes, and new songs! 


The tickets for the event are Pay What You Want at a sliding scale of $10, $20 and $40. Feel free to choose the ticket price that suits you.

LunaSea is dedicated to making theatre accessible to our audience so 10 tickets are set aside at no cost for each show for those who would like to make use of them.

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