Our Values

Feminist in nature, by inclination and approach, we work to explore the richness of the human experience through a diversity of perspectives. It is this specific focus that sets us apart. Attention to under-told stories is still critical to address ongoing gender imbalances in theatre, and in society in general. LunaSea Theatre Company seeks to give voice to stories and perspectives of under-representened genders and to showcase the rich diversity of theatrical talent while creating essential, world-class theatre in Nova Scotia.

LunaSea explores stories and perspectives through theatre that amplify the voices of underrepresented genders. We produce work that observes the world through a feminist lens. Projects are artist-initiated, driven by creative passion and characterised by constant striving for excellence and innovation. The mentorship of emerging artists by established professionals is a defining part of our choice of work and process.

The focus and majority of our resources and opportunities will go to women, non-binary, trans and other artists of underrepresented genders working in theatre.

Lunasea strives to best represent the community we live in, and to work with the community we play in. Our approach is grassroots and collaborative in nature. As we produce work we want to include other local businesses and artists, to expand the web of small and locally-owned businesses who can support one another in outreach and opportunity.

Lunasea Theatre is committed to demystifying how theatre companies operate, and will always be available to talk about how we function, earn income, and arrive at our decisions for the company. Our AGM will always be announced for the public’s interest and as a charitable entity we want our communities to know we are intentional with their donations.


LunaSea is committed to practising anti-racism, through education, hiring practice, mentorship and on-going learning.