Our History

indicates new work by a Nova Scotian developed by LunaSea



“Top Girls” (by Caryl Churchill) directed by Sherry Smith
Awards: Masaki Schuette - Merritt nomination for Best Costumes


“The Monument” (by Colleen Wagner) directed by Mauralea Austin
Awards: Martha Irving - Merritt nomination for Best Actress, Evan Brown for Best Set Design

“Chekhov at Home” A “Hive” event of Chekhov pieces with 17 performers, site specific at Mary-Colin’s Chisholm’s home as a fundraiser.


 “Estate” (by Hannah Rittner) directed by Mary-Colin Chisholm

“Ghosts” (by Henrik Ibsen)  An original adaptation and direction by Mary-Colin Chisholm
Awards: Martha Irving - Merritt winner for Best Actress, Emlyn Murray – Merritt nomination for Costume Design


 “Ibsen Bites” a site specific location bringing together a diverse number of local theatre artists and Doppler Effect, DaPoPo, Irondale Ensemble Project, Firething Theatre Collective with Xara Choral Theatre: produced by LunaSea Theatre


’night, Mother” (by Marsha Norman) directed by Sherry Smith

 “Leaving Wonderland” (by Shelley Thompson) a world premier, directed by Martha Irving


 “Sugar Mary and Yewina”  (by Mary-Colin Chisholm) workshop performances directed by Martha Irving

 “Half-cracked: the legend of Sugar Mary” (by Mary-Colin Chisholm) directed by Martha Irving

LunSea Design Talks - a two day design symposium for theatre professionals Featured panellists: designers and directors Eo Sharpe, Kaitlin Hickey, Leigh Ann Vardy, Ann Marie Kerr, and Linda Moore


 “Well-Heeled” (by Lisa Cochrane) world premiere and script workshop directed & dramaturged by Martha Irving


 “Aphrodisia: an Evening of Erotica” a fundraiser in support of LunaSea. Performers included: Donna Morrissey (award-winning and national best-selling author of Kit’s Law), T. Thomason (Halifax indie-music sensation), Jeremie Saunders (Sickboy podcast) and his wife Bryde MacLean (Turn Me On podcast), Megan McDowell (The Coast’s winner for favourite comedian for the last 2 years), Liz Crocker (Woozles and Plovers), Ian Gilmore (aka Mrs. MacCreedy), slam poet Deirdre Lee, Adam Reid (Executive Director of Halifax Pride), Rosie Porter (well-known Halifax Realtor), Lenore Zann (MLA Truro), Peggy Walt (publicist), GaRRy Williams (music composer for KAMP the musical), and a cappella singing group Women Next Door.

“Slut: the play” (by Katie Capiello) a week-long free workshop of Slut: the Play facilitated by Ryanne Chisholm

“The Donahue Sisters” (by Geraldine Aron) directed by Martha Irving 

“Bette & Maynard and Friends!”  10th Annual Fundraiser hosted by Bette MacDonald & Maybard Morrison 

 “Les and Dawn” (by Jake Willett) directed & dramaturged by Mary-Colin Chisholm  

“Slut: the play” (by Katie Cappiello) A Canadian Premiere directed & facilitated by Ryanne Chisholm 


“Slut: the play”  (by Katie Cappiello) A remount directed & facilitated by Ryanne Chisholm


 “In the Shadows” (by Jake Willett)  

 “The Bitterest Time: The War Story of Mona Parsons” (by Sarah Jane Blenkhorn & Andria Hill-Lehr) directed & dramaturged by Ryanne Chisholm

The Donahue Sisters

(by Geraldine Aron) directed by Martha Irving

The Beginning

LunaSea Theatre Company was founded in 2007 by four experienced, professional artists, all of whom had worked in theatres across the country, bringing a variety of skills and expertise to the company: Martha Irving, Mary-Colin Chisolm, Sherry Smith and Mauralea Austin. The original idea that brought these four women together was gender parity in theatre - “It is crucial that we tell stories about women within the context of the realities of our society and that we attract as broad a range of audience as we can, so that one day ‘women’s stories’ will simply be every person’s.” A complete lack of opportunity drove these four outstanding artists to found LunaSea Theatre, in order to create opportunity for other women in the Nova Scotian theatre community. Over the years other artists have joined them in leading LunaSea: Lita Llewelyn (2014-2016) and Ryanne Chisholm (2016-2020). Sherry Smith (2007-2011) Mauralea Austin (2007-2015) Mary-Colin Chisholm (2007-2018) Martha Irving (2007-2020) Lita Llewellyn (2014-2015) Ryanne Chisholm (2016-2020)

Perfect Pie

(by Judith Thompson) directed by Mary-Colin Chisholm Awards: Sherry Smith, Merritt nom. Outstanding Actress, Herald: Top 10 productions of YR

♥ To Capture Light

(Premiere) by Mary-Colin Chisholm, company-directed Awards: Merritt nomination for Outstanding New Play. “Talking Heads” (by Alan Bennett) “Nights in the Garden of Spain” (Performed by Mauralea Austin) “Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet” (Performed by Mary-Colin Chisholm) Awards: Mary-Colin Chisholm, Merritt nomination for Best Actress. “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl” (by Morris Panych) directed by Martha Irving 5 Merritt Award Nominations: (winner) Mauralea Austin, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Martha Irving - Director, John Beale - Supporting Actor, Kathryn MacLellan - Supporting Actress, Janet MacLellan - Costumes, and Outstanding Production,

Twelfth Night

(directed and adapted by Mary-Colin Chisholm) musical direction by Eric Benson Awards: Genevieve Steele - Merritt nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Vanessa Walton-Bone – Merritt nomination for Best Actress

Woman and Scarecrow

(by Marina Carr) directed by Martha Irving Awards: Sherry Smith – Merritt nomination for Best supporting Actress

A Lady of Letters

(performed by Martha Irving)

Bed Among the Lentils

(performed by Sherry Smith)

♥ To Capture Light”

(by Mary-Colin Chisholm) Directed by Mary Vingoe Awards: Mary Vingoe - Merritt nomination for Best Director