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LunaSea Theatre

Past Shows 2011 - 2015

Past Shows (2011 - 2015)


Leaving Wonderland

Marsha Norman’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama ‘night, Mother

May 5 to May 10 at the TNS Living Room 2353 Agricola St.

Today is a day much like any other.  Jessie is working through her ‘to-do’ list.

She’s paid the oil bill, made the hot cocoa and told Mama where the laundry things 

are.  Now she just has to find Daddy’s old service revolver and bullets...

Marsha Norman’s taut and pitch perfect drama  'night, Mother took the New York theatre scene by storm when it premiered in 1983.

“The things we as women know best have not been of critical value to society. The mother-daughter relationship is a perfect example; women are not afraid to look under the bed...”                                                                                                                                                              -Marsha Norman

Jessie sets off a fierce struggle when she calmly announces to her mother Thelma her plan to commit suicide at the end of day. She tidies house and waits on Mama, while explaining that she is not suddenly trying to escape from Dawson, her meddlesome brother, or Ricky, her delinquent son.  And she’s not mad that Cecil her ex- husband has long since vamoosed.  The real reason Jessie wants to leave her life with Mama is played out in front of our eyes in 90 gripping, funny, intimate minutes. Mama tries everything she can think of to talk Jessie out of her plan, even resorting to telling the truth. “Family is just accident, Jessie. It’s nothing personal, hon. They don’t mean to get on your nerves. They don’t even mean to be your family, they just are.”  - Mama

The talented team includes Lita Llewellyn (Ida and Daisy) and Jennifer Overton (God’s Middle Name)  directed by LunaSea alumna Sherry Smith (Top Girls). “‘night, Mother brings home the bonding, or lack there of, of parent and child. The pitfalls, the joys, the frustrations of getting it "wrong" and trying so very, very hard to get it "right"… the simplicity of making hot cocoa as a symbol of a love so full it can't be expressed in any other way …the ultimate sacrifice of love is letting go,” says Sherry Smith. Jennifer Overton adds, “This is an actor’s dream piece. To be able to explore the richness of the simple, poetic text with its rawness and delicious pockets of humour, and to have an opportunity to board this emotional runaway train is a real privilege.”

LunaSea is a theatre triumvirate comprised of Lita Llewellyn, Martha Irving and Mary-Colin Chisholm. Founded nine years ago by Sherry Smith, Martha Irving, Mauralea Austin and Mary-Colin Chisholm, they have produced works from the international and Canadian canons, world premieres of original plays and radical retellings of classics as well as the annual “Carols at the Cathedral”.  Recent shows include “Ibsen Bites”, “Ghosts”, “Estate”, “The Monument”, “To Capture Light”, and “Top Girls”. LunaSea’s work is for people who go to the theatre to be moved!”, audience comment.


Lita Llewellyn as Jessie Cates; Jennifer Overton* as Mama Thelma Cates; Directed by Sherry Smith*; with Assistance from Margaret Smith

*by permission of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association



"LunaSea Theatre’s production of ’night Mother keeps an audience on edge and leaves it in tears." ELISSA BARNARD ARTS REPORTER, The Chronicle Herald



Carols in the Cathedral

Ibsen Bites





The Monument by Colleen Wagner

If war is a crime why do we keep having them?”

A young soldier convicted of war crimes, and a rage-filled woman driven by her passionate need to know what happened to his victims are united by their desperate and savage mutual need for each other. In raw, unflinching detail, “The Monument” forces us to collectively face the pain-filled reality of human brutality, and to question our capacity to forgive. Could you?

“The graphic, disturbing two-person drama sets out and succeeds in compelling its audience to get up close and personal with war’s misery.” - Winnipeg Free Press

“It provokes and debates the quality of mercy in a war of terrible cruelty… The Monument is a play about the possibilities of the future for a world burdened with a horrific past.” - Richard Rose



Top Girls - written by Caryl Churchill

Set against the colourful and, by turns, comic and heartbreaking stories of women from the past, Top Girls asks many questions and offers no answers; it explores the gains and bartered losses of women in the present. The fantastical Top Girls has been cited as one of the best plays in British theatre of the last century and is now generally regarded as a modern classic.

Successful business woman Marlene throws a raucous dinner party to which she invites Isabella Bird, intrepid Victorian world traveller, Nijo a Japanese concubine, ninth century Pope Joan, Dull Gret from a Breughel painting and Chaucerian heroine, Patient Griselda. The play catapults us into the present where Marlene’s business success and personal challenges are explored in light of an increasingly uncaring and corporate society.

“LunaSea is thrilled to be producing Top Girls ” says Mary-Colin Chisholm, co-Artistic Director of LunaSea. “This powerful work took the world stages by storm during the Thatcher era in England and has not lost its relevance.”

Directed by Sherry Smith, this production features Martha Irving, Mary-Colin Chisholm, Mauralea Austin, Rebecca Parent, Vanessa Walton-Bone, Leana Todd and Stephanie MacDonald.

“This is a tremendous showcase for seven of our most exciting actresses in Halifax,” says Director Sherry Smith. “Top Girls is wonderfully theatrical and the hard raw dialogue between characters will astonish.”