Join us at the Central Halifax Library on June 13th 7:30pm  Mary-Colin will read from her new play Half Cracked: The Legend of Sugar Mary and discuss the unlikely origins of stories and the playwriting process.


Come to a Staged Reading of the play, presented as part of Eastern Front's Stages Festival,  on June 16th 2:00pm at the 5676 North Street Church  with Margaret Smith, Ryanne Chisholm and Christian Murray under the direction of Martha Irving. 

"Imagine if the Coen brothers wrote a Maritime, romantic comedy," says Chisholm. "Sugar Mary and Yewina, are two odd  sisters rattling around a farmhouse overrun by spiders, mice and stories. Scott a hapless folklorist from Arizona stumbles into their lives and everything goes topsy turvy"


Coming this Fall... the world premiere of Lisa Cochrane's 'Well Heeled' ...  Documentary filmmaker Kirsten finds a new subject in Arnold, Halifax's most notable cross dresser.  Arnold is a man of humble origins and impeccable taste in footwear.  Through the process of unveiling Arnold's life and stories Kirstin finds her own healing...