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In The News 2006-2010

In the News! (2006 - 2010)


about 'Woman & Scarecrow'
LunaSea brings Irish playwright Marina Carr’s work to the stage  by Kate Watson for The Coast, May 13, 2010: Back in 2006, I did my first theatre review for The Coast. The play was The Donahue Sisters by Irish playwright Geraldine Aron. Coincidentally, it was the first production by a brand new theatre company called LunaSea. I loved it. Flash forward four years, and I am again watching LunaSea perform a play by an Irish playwright, this time Woman & Scarecrow by Marina Carr. Again, I love it. It’s a surprisingly funny play about the last hours of woman, who seems to regret living almost as much as she does dying. Mary-Colin Chisholm (foreground) is the perfect actress for the role—from her flowing red hair to her “graveyard chic” cheekbones. Mauralea Austin is outstanding as the enigmatic Scarecrow, the woman’s tough and tender alter-ego. Sherry Smith is almost unrecognizable as the emotionally parsimonious Auntie Ah, but she gives a heartbreakingly hilarious performance. These women (including director Martha Irving) are truly at the top of their game.


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