LunaSea Theatre Company seeks to give voice to women’s stories and perspectives and to showcase the rich diversity of female theatrical artists and to create essential, world-class theatre in Nova Scotia

LunaSea Theatre Company explores women’s stories and perspectives by choosing work that highlights these issues.

Projects are artist-initiated, driven by creative passion and characterised by a constant striving for excellence and innovation.

The company is committed, primarily, to working with actors resident in this province, but is open to working with artists living elsewhere in order to stimulate new ideas and fresh energy.

LunaSea Theatre Company started in 2006 as a co-op production of “The Donahue Sisters” by Geraldine Aron at the TNS Studio Space on Agricola, which was picked up by Festival Antigonish for their summer second stage. The members of the co-op, 4 senior members of the Nova Scotia theatre community with over a century of experience between them, decided to form a company and incorporated on March 27, 2007 as LunaSea Theatre. We have gone on to produce 5 plays in the last 2 years, each receiving nominations at the Theatre Nova Scotia Merritt Awards; in 2009 receiving eight, more than any other theatre company, and winning Best Supporting Actress. LunaSea was also included in the Chronicle Herald’s “Honour Roll” at the end of 2008, “recognizing members from our arts community who took giant steps forward this year.” Our productions have been picked up by Festival Antigonish for three years running, played the SuperNova Theatre Festival and the Chester Playhouse, and we are looking to take our productions to other theatres across Canada. LunaSea Theatre’s mandate is to produce plays of artistic merit which are likely to expand the theatrical experience, highlight the contributions and talents of women to theater, and to mentor young artists.

Mary-Colin is a theatrical polymath: actor – Constance in Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at Neptune, Margaret in The Glace Bay Miner’s Museum, The Ship’s Co./Eastern Front and Christine in How It Works, Mulgrave Road… a sometime writer – “Safe Haven”, Mulgrave, Neptune, Blyth, TNB, WCTC, “Strange Humours”, Eastern Front, “He’d Be Your Father’s Mother’s Cousin” Festival Antigonish, Mulgrave and Theatre Newfoundland/Labrador and “To Capture Light”, LunaSea (yay team)… a bit of a director – “Lauchie, Liza and Rory” Fest Antigonish, Mulgrave and Frankie, and most recently “The Adventures of Donna Earla” Frankie/Live Bait. She lives in Halifax with her ever surprising partner Christian Murray and their divine daughter Emlyn. She would like to thank Emlyn for attending King’s College Foundation this year, finally provoking her mother to read Oedipus Rex and the Gilgamesh.
By the sea, at a shack at Jimtown, Antigonish, she sometimes sits and ponders life, and even better, sometimes she just sits.
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Martha started her career in Prince Edward Island, working for the Charlottetown Summer Festival’s Lunchtime Theatre when she was 16. She studied theatre in the 3-year program at LAMDA in England, and has performed at the Blyth Festival, the National Arts Centre, Theatre New Brunswick, Theatre PEI, Festival Antigonish, Ship’s Company, Chester Playhouse, Two Planks and a Passion, the Atlantic Theatre Festival and is a regular on the Neptune stage. Martha has been nominated for 6 acting awards and one directing award at the Robert Merritt Awards. She was voted Best Halifax Actor (Female) in The Coast’s Best of Halifax Survey 2006. Martha has been a producer, creator, director, treasurer, and actor for LunaSea Theatre.
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With professional experience ranging from teaching Shakespeare to teaching Yoga, from working multiple jobs at CBC Radio and TV to playing queens and drunks onstage, from writing travel stories, to research articles, Mauralea has what some people might view as career multi-tasking and others think is a little ADD. Nevertheless all these experiences feed each other and keep life interesting. Mauralea has happily made her home in Nova Scotia for the last 10 years and previously lived in Toronto, Winnipeg, and London. She is a co-founder and co-artistic director of LunaSea Theatre in Halifax and has worked for numerous theatre companies here, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay and Toronto. Film work includes ‘The Tenth Circle’, ‘Reversible Errors’, ‘The Pilot’s Wife’ and a brief blood-spattered scene in ‘Outlander’.
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This is the second theatre company Sherry has started. In 1978, frustrated that there was no outlet for her dramatic desires, she began a drama club called the Ike Rich Players. It is still in existence, winning awards and accolades throughout Nfld. and Labrador. She went on to study theatre at the National Theatre School, then lived in Toronto and Niagara for 10 years ,working with Toronto Free Theatre, YPT, the Grand, Lighthouse Festival and the Shaw Festival. Since returning east, she has performed with Neptune, EFT, TNB, Festival Antigonish, Mulgrave and Ship’s Company. Sherry has been nominated multiple times for a Merritt Award; winning  in 2009 for her performance as Winnie in Beckett’s Happy Days produced by Neptune. Her play, Woman of Labrador: The Elizabeth Goudie Story, has been produced in Nfld & Lab., NS, and Toronto. A big shout out to her husband, Stan McDonald, who was instrumental in helping LunaSea become incorporated and obtain their charitable status. Also high fives to her three children, Joseph, William and Grace – her greatest achievements!

Sadly, Sherry resigned in 2011